The STAD in Europe pilot interventions

The SiE project aims to reduce binge drinking and associated harms, through the development of locally tailored community based interventions designed to tackle heavy episodic drinking amongst young people in different drinking environments. The project is underpinned by the original STAD programme in Sweden, which combines three core components (community mobilisation, bar staff training in responsible beverage service, and stricter law enforcement) aiming to tackle alcohol related harms in nightlife environments.

The SiE project focuses on transferring the STAD model to four drinking settings: nightlife; festivals; public environments (e.g. streets, parks and beaches); and, private environments (e.g. home drinking). The project involves the development and piloting of interventions to tackle heavy episodic drinking for one of these settings in seven pilot areas in: the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom (UK).

In this newsletter we will present a brief summary of each pilot intervention and the core components of the STAD model implemented in each of the seven pilot areas. During the next few weeks, case studies for each pilot site will be presented.


Public Health Institute · LJMU

United Kingdom
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Karolinska Institute · STAD

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Institute for Therapy and Health Research

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Trimbos Institute

The Netherlands
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IREFREA · European Institute of Studies on Prevention

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The National Institute of Public Health

Czech Republic
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Utrip Institute

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