The STAD research team has published an article in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research describing results from the baseline assessment using professional actors portraying a scene of obvious intoxication. The rates of denied alcohol service were 66.9% at licensed premises outside the arenas (n = 151) and 24.9% at premises inside the arenas (n = 237). The rate of denied entry to the arenas (n = 102) was 10.8%. These results underscore the need for training among staff at the arenas.

Elgán, T.H., Durbeej, N., Holder, H., & Gripenberg, J. (2018). Overserving and allowed entry of obviously alcohol-intoxicated spectators at sporting events. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 42(2), 444-452.

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Palma de Mallorca

The Governing body of the Municipality of Palma approved, on the 17th of January 2018, the constitution of a political and technical commission to consolidate and give further impulse to the implementation of the STAD in Europe project, to address adolescents and youngsters binge drinking in public hotspots. The Commission led by Social Services and coordinated by IREFREA –local project partner— includes the municipal areas of Social Welfare, Police, Citizenship participation, Equal Rights, Health, and Commercial Trade.

SiE Project Meeting


Interventions in each pilot site will be presented in detail with special focus on similarities to the STAD model. Several stakeholders will contribute in meeting development with their experiences and results from the two baseline measurements undertaken in the Netherlands presented.



During the conference , good and best practices for alcohol prevention for young people will be exchanged and discussed. Further, the concept of the local alcohol strategy will be introduced and partners will present intermediate results such as the results of the Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) and the current state of the cooperation with the selected municipalities.

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The STAD research team just published an article in PlosOne describing results from a baseline measurement where Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)-levels from 4420 spectators visiting matches in the Swedish Premier Football League have been collected. The results reveal that almost half of all spectators have consumed alcohol with a mean value of 0.065%. Almost 9% had a BAC-level of 0.1% or more indicating a high level of intoxication.

The research team concludes that there is a need to develop and implement the STAD-approach to alcohol prevention at Swedish football arenas.

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The STAD-team will attend the Bråvalla music festival in the municipality of Norrköping, Sweden. The festival expects about 50 000 visitors during the four-day event. Personnel from STAD will collect data during two days.

SiE project meeting


During the meeting to be held in Stockholm needs assessments undertaken in each pilot site will be presented and discussed, as well as a first draft on the intervention models. In the next few weeks we will upload information on the intervention to be developed in each pilot region.



This meeting, with participation of CHAFEA and DG Health representatives, represents the official launching of the SiE project. During the meeting, the EC representatives stated their interest in the results of this project that can suppose a break though for setting a model on nightlife management to reduce binge drinking across EU Member State countries.



The purpose of this meeting was to reunite the partnership in preparation of the kick-off meeting to be held with the EC representatives.

Along meeting development, partners presented their respective work-packages and questions were posed and solved.